Spring 2020 PPE Workshop Speakers

Welcome to our first Policy and Political Economy Workshop!

To ensure a lively discussion, workshop participants should read the papers before the workshop. Presenters will make a brief 15 minute presentation that will be followed by an hour-long discussion of the work.

Workshops will meet Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:15 in 3911 Wesley W. Posvar Hall. Please let us know if you would be interested in meeting with any of our speakers individually or as a group.

January 9 Yang Zhou
Department of Economics
West Virginia University
The Political Economy of Historic Districts:
The Private, the Public, and the Collective
January 16 Justin Winikoff
Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Learning by Regulating: The Evolution of
Wind Energy Zoning Laws
January 23 Marcela Gomez
School of Computing and Information
University of Pittsburgh
January 30
Jordan Lofthouse
Department of Economics
George Mason University
The Spirits of Enterprise and Rent Seeking on Rocky Boy and Fort Belknap Reservations
February 6
Dustin Frye
Department of Economics
Vassar College
The Effect of Land Allotment on Native American Households During the Assimilation Era
February 13
Brandon Davis
School of Public Affairs & Administration
University of Kansas
Feeling Politics: Well-Being, Carceral Contact, and Participation
February 20
Daniel Silverman
Institute for Politics and Strategy
Carnegie Mellon University
Putting Terror in its Place: An Experiment on Mitigating Fears of Terrorism among the American Public
February 27
Sasha Klyachkina
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Trajectories of Governance: A Framework for Analysis and Evidence from the North Caucasus
March 5
Maggie Jones
Department of Economics
University of Victoria

Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: Evidence from the Green Books

March 12 Spring Break  
March 19
Jamie Bologna Pavlik
Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics
Texas Tech University
March 26
Lynne Kiesling
Engineering and Public Policy
Carnegie Mellon University
April 2
Timofiy Brik
Department of Sociology
New York University and
Kyiv School of Economics
April 10
Nick Cowen
School of Social and Political Sciences
University of Lincoln
April 11*
(special date)
Aris Trantidis 
School of Social and Political Sciences
University of Lincoln