The Center for Governance and Markets:
Analyzing institutional diversity and performance around the world

The Center for Governance and Markets creates space for scholars to explore and exchange diverse ideas and produce rigorous research and teaching on the impact of governance institutions, markets, and technology on peaceful coexistence, freedom, and well-being in the United States and around the world. It bridges the gap between theory and real-world problems through fieldwork, interdisciplinary research, and community engagement.

The mission of the Center is to understand--from a perspective of pluralism and intellectual diversity--the institutions and the governance arrangements that affect social order and human well-being and to generate knowledge the ways in which individuals and communities overcome challenges to living free, prosperous, and peaceful lives. The Center is a hub of a global network of researchers and practitioners in the areas of governance and institutional analysis.

Technological, social, and demographic trends generate unique governance challenges at the local, national, and international levels. Our ability to offer policy responses should be based on an integrated approach, in which studying and learning from the diversity of experiences, cases, and solutions emerging from these arenas is done with the tools of modern social science paired with an in-depth understanding of and sensitivity to the unique historical particularities of each case. The Center is both a producer and a clearing house of ideas about governance dilemmas, alternatives, and solutions as challenges arising from the growing interconnectedness, diversity, and rapid pace of social change affecting communities in Pittsburgh and around the world.

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