Afghanistan Policy Program

The Afghanistan Policy Program (APP) is the international hub for Afghanistan related research and policy work.

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves behind a humanitarian crisis and an intellectual void as thousands of Afghan scholars and policymakers who have helped transform Afghanistan society, flee their home. The APP addresses the plight of these scholars and the loss of scholarly leadership in Afghanistan by:

1. Providing a scholarly home for scholars and policy leaders seeking asylum in the United States.

2. Establishing a hub for Afghanistan policy and thinking.

3. Amplifying voices of Afghan scholars. Home to top scholars and policy thinkers, the APP aims to be a primary platform for Afghanistan’s thought leaders, a venue of engagement for a global community of scholars looking for engaged knowledge, as well as media looking for perspective.

The APP is an initiative of the Center for Governance and Markets (CGM), a global policy research center housed within the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh.