The Collaborative AI Responsibility (CAIR) Lab


Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming ubiquitous in all sectors. However, few organizations act to ensure that their AI is safe and beneficial. Our goal is to increase the adoption of responsible AI by combining community-engaged research with activism and focusing on ecosystems

Our approach

Ecosystem focus - We believe that responsible AI takes a village. All actors in the ecosystem need to get involved, and we are focusing on supporting those who develop AI, buy AI, and invest in AI.

Engaged research - We collaborate with practitioners at all research stages, including forming research questions and methodologies, data analysis, and drawing conclusions.

Local activism, globally – Creating positive social impact is as important to us as our research impact. We test and apply our theories in our city, aiming to make Pittsburgh an exemplar of responsible AI. In addition, we collaborate with teams worldwide to establish similar initiatives in other regions.

Diverse perspectives – We collaborate with researchers and practitioners in multiple sectors, disciplines, institutions, countries, and demographics.

Our research questions

Developing AI responsibly

  1. How do we know whether an organization is developing AI responsibly?
    We are developing a scale to measure organizations’ responsible AI maturity
  2. What are effective strategies for helping organizations develop AI more responsibly?
    We will experiment with organizations to test which interventions increase organizations’ responsible AI maturity
  3. What is the current state of responsible AI maturity?
    We will map ecosystems to create benchmarks for responsible AI maturity

Investing in AI responsibly

  1. What is the current state of responsible AI investing?
    We will map responsible AI investment strategies among asset managers and owners
  2. What does it mean to invest in AI responsibly?
    We will develop investment frameworks for different kinds of investors

Buying AI responsibly

  1. What is the current state of AI procurement?
    We will map AI procurement strategies in the private and public sectors
  2. What does it mean to procure AI responsibly?
    We will develop a procurement framework for the private and public sectors

Our Team

Lab Director: Ravit Dotan, PhD