The Future of Law in Technology and Governance

Virtual seminar on the Future of Law in Technology and Governance, organized and moderated by Michael Madison, Professor of Law and John E. Murray Faculty Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  It is co-sponsored with the Future Law Project at the University of Pittsburgh Law School. 

Emerging technologies – from artificial intelligence to blockchain to Big Data – pose enormous challenges to the roles and functions of law in society. Spanning governments and governance, this series features big thinking, emerging thinking, and critical thinking about blends of law, computing, markets, and politics.

The one-hour seminar includes a 25-minute presentation by the author followed by 30 minutes for questions and discussion. Virtual rooms will remain open for an additional thirty minutes should any participants want to continue the conversation beyond the one hour scheduled. 

All seminars are open to the public. Registration required. 

Date Time Author Title
Thurs. Jan. 21
3:00pm EST
Frank Fagan 
EDHEC Business School
Watch the seminar here.
Thurs. Mar. 4 3:00pm EST
Brett Frischmann
Villanova University 
Watch the seminar here.
Thurs. April 1 3:00pm EST Margaret Hu
Pennsylvania State University

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The Big Data Constitution