Virtual Seminar on Networked Governance: How Can We Govern Ourselves Digitally?

Moderated by Eric Alston, University of Colorado

Organized by Eric AlstonMarcela GomezIlia Murtazashvili, and Martin Weiss

This seminar features research on the frontiers of digital governance. How are our digital communities governed? How should they be governed? The seminar considers several specific governance questions implicated by blockchain (and major cryptocurrencies), and further extends to governance of digital communities more generally, including how and where they intersect with our real world communities.
An increasingly digital world is one whose digital institutions will only grow in terms of their real-world economic and social significance. Institutional and technological innovations like blockchain suggest immense promise (and disruption) to the forms of governance with which we are most familiar, and present a possible path forward for governing ourselves digitally. Nonetheless, digital governance presents many challenges to individuals and institutional practitioners in terms of how to obtain the efficiencies long provided by real-world institutions like default rules and relational contracting, both concepts that do not readily translate to the realm of automated governance by protocol. The one-hour seminar includes a 35-minute presentation by the author followed by 25 minutes for questions and discussion.
Wed. Sept. 16 
4:00pm EST
William Luther
Florida Atlantic University 
Wed. Sep 23 4:00pm EST Nick Cowen
University of Lincoln (UK)
Digital Decentralisation by Design: Escaping the Paradox of Power 
Previous research informing the talk
View the talk here.
Sept. 30
6:00pm EST 
Jason Potts
RMIT University
Oct. 2
4:00pm EST 
Nathan Schneider
University of Colorado
Oct. 7
4:00pm EST 
Kevin Werbach
University of Pennsylvania
Oct. 14
4:00pm EST  
Lawrence White
George Mason University
The Competitive Governance of Units of Account in the 21st Century
View the talk here.
Oct. 23
4:00pm EST 
Aaron Wright
Yeshiva University
The Rule of Code: Challenges in Regulating Decentralized Blockchain-based Systems 
View the talk here.
Oct. 28
4:00pm EST 
Carnegie Mellon University
Oct. 30
2:30pm EST 
Liya Palagashvili 
Mercatus Center at George Mason University 
Nov. 4
4:00pm EST
Eric Alston
University of Colorado
Michael Madison
Martin Weiss
Marcela Gomez 
University of Pittsburgh
Internal Roundtable: How Might We Govern Ourselves Digitally? 
View the roundtable here.