CGM Announces Research Partnership on Nepal with the Center for International Private Enterprise


September 28, 2020

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) awarded the Center for Governance and Markets a two-year grant to support research on subnational governance in post-conflict Nepal. In 2015, Nepal adopted a federal constitution as part of the country’s peace process. The successful implementation of this constitution is crucial to maintaining peace and stability in that country.

As part of this grant, CGM will provide guidance to CIPE’s partner organizations in Nepal as they respond to the country’s ongoing federalism reforms. CGM will collaborate on a comprehensive review of the state of federalism in Nepal. It will do so by working with a diverse group of local stakeholders and think tanks to understand how these actors support the reform process in Nepal. The grant will result in several policy and scholarly publications.  It will support graduate students who will collaborate with CGM faculty and Nepali experts.