The Center for Governance and Markets Supports Scholars in Ukraine


The Center for Governance and Markets (CGM) at the University of Pittsburgh is providing research grants to Ukrainian scholars through a new partnership with Ukrainian Global University (UGU). This follows a recent partnership formalized between UGU and the University of Pittsburgh. UGU is a consortium of Ukrainian and global university. It aims to preserve academic and intellectual communities in Ukraine, as faculty, staff, and students have been displaced due to conflict and many universities have been destroyed.  

This initiative supports Ukrainian scholars wherever they are. Most scholars have remained in Ukraine or in nearby countries. Most male students and faculty must remain in the country because of conscription requirements. Many other scholars remain close by in neighboring countries, hoping to return. By providing support to those in and close to Ukraine, this project helps avoid promoting a ‘brain drain’ of the very talent Ukraine will require to rebuild.  

“Ukraine’s national resilience—and the speed and success of reconstruction—will ultimately depend on the institutional capacities of domestic organizations,” said Rabih Helou, executive director of CGM. “Ukrainian universities are essential to preserving and sustaining local knowledge and uniquely positioned to contribute the expertise needed for reconstruction. By creating, preserving, and transmitting knowledge, universities in Ukraine—as in other countries—build the nation’s skills base—the essential human capital underlying society, culture, and the economy.”  

“Our platform ensures that displaced Ukrainian students and scholars are not abandoned,” said Dr. Tymofii Brik, Rector of the Kyiv School of Economics and UGU representative. “The initiative aims to unite people from all continents and build a new global institution to provide humanity, support, and mutual respect. Displaced individuals from all suffering countries deserve such treatment, and we will create new practices and institutions to revitalize humanity and empathy in the world. We are excited about the continued partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, and the Center for Governance and Markets. This project will ensure greater collaborations and research into the future.”  

The UGU initiative is founded by a consortium of leading Ukrainian educational institutions and organizations: Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine Global Scholars, Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program at Stanford University, Professional Government Association of Ukraine, SET University, and Kyiv Academic University. UGU is also supported by the Ministry of Education and the Presidential Fund of Ukraine.