CGM Collaborates on Special Issue on Blockchains and Public Administration


CGM is collaborating on a special issue for the Chinese Public Administration Review entitled, “Blockchains and Public Administration."

Authors are encouraged to consider the classic dilemmas confronting government that blockchains can address; challenges with deployment of blockchains; and issues related to deployment of blockchains. The following topics represent some of the themes of interest for the special issue:

     How do blockchain technologies enable governments and nonprofits to better respond to crises and emergencies? 

     How have nonprofits responded to new opportunities presented by cryptogiving? 

     To what extent do blockchain deployments reduce corruption and improve efficiency of public procurement processes? 

     How can blockchain technologies be deployed by indigenous governments to ensure sovereignty? 

     How do blockchains address challenges posed by increasing data and knowledge available to governments and nonprofits? 

We are inviting abstracts (max 250 words) for this CPAR special issue. Selected abstracts will be invited for submission of a full article, which will then undergo CPAR’s peer review process. Authors will have an opportunity to present papers at a virtual workshop on “Blockchains and Public Administration,” hosted by the Center for Governance and Markets at the University of Pittsburgh.

The submission date for the abstract is Aug 31st, 2022, and for the full paper is December 31st, 2022.

Abstracts and any inquiries should be sent to the guest editors:

Eric Alston (University of Colorado)

Ilia Murtazashvili (University of Pittsburgh)

Martin Weiss (University of Pittsburgh)

A PDF version of this call is here

Should you have any questions about CPAR, please contact:

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