CGM Welcomes Two Inaugural Agora Fellows

CGM is pleased to announce its inaugural Agora Fellows for the 2020-21 academic year, Ms. Iva Grgić and Mr. Andrew Holt. The Agora Fellowship provides a one-year fellowship to advanced  PhD students interested in governance of the public sphere - including governments, markets, and the “third sector” that lies between market and government and includes nonprofit and nongovernment organizations. Read more about CGM’s Agora Fellowship here.

Iva Grgić is an Agora Fellow at the Center for Governance and Markets and is a SJD Candidate at the School of Law at the University of Pittsburgh. Her doctoral research focuses on contract farming between farmers and buyers as a business model. She is particularly interested in how the imbalance of power between these two parties leads to unfair trade practices that may harm the economically weaker party. Ms. Grgić also studies the mitigation of agricultural and other risks in contract farming, dispute resolution mechanisms, and the application of competition/antitrust laws in the agricultural industry. She is interested in the practical implications for government and non-government stakeholders who are seeking both to regulate unfair trade practices and to ensure commercial justice and contract enforcement in the contract farming context.  

Ms. Grgić obtained her Master of Law degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the LLM program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2014.   

Andrew Holt is an Agora Fellow at the Center for Governance and Markets and a fourth year PhD student in Economics Department at the University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include applied microeconomics, economic history, and political economy. His current research is on industrial collusion following the passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933. The legislation allowed producers to increase their market power through non-competitive trade practices suggesting an important role for the United States government in maintaining competitive markets. 

Mr. Holt earned a Master of Arts in Applied Economics from Miami University. He also holds a BS in Economics with an Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor at the University of Central Arkansas.