Future of Law in Technology and Governance - Fall 2022

Technologies are changing law and public policy at every level: from legal infrastructures and institutions to legal methods, analysis, and reasoning to the content of the law – running the gamut from cybersecurity, privacy, commercial law, international law, and intellectual property, among many others.  What does “rule of law” mean in this day and age?  What are the right roles for international organizations, formal governments, and lawyers?  What about community-based governance, and self-organized groups?  How should law make sense of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, data analytics, and algorithms used both by experts and in daily life? 

Researchers and scholars from many disciplines are racing to keep pace, imagining how technologies can best be governed and used in governance. Where and how can technologies make our lives and the planet better?  Where and how are they making things worse? 

The Future of Law in Technology and Governance Seminar Series takes a broad view of those topics, welcoming researchers from multiple disciplines and from around the world as both speakers and listeners/participants.  The series is a collaboration that represents the best vision of its multi-disciplinary subject.   It is convened by Professor Michael Madison of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law as an extension of his role as Faculty Director of Pitt Law’s “Future Law Project,” and is organized and presented by Pitt’s Center for Governance and Markets.

Fall 2022 Speakers: 

September 15 - Algorithmic Cartels (Michal Gal, University of Haifa) 

October 17 - Modeling the Caselaw Access Project (Felix Chang and Erin McCabe, University of Cincinnati) 

November 10 - Can Blockchain Solve the Dilemma in the Ethics of Genomic Biobanks? (Valerie Racine) 

December 1 - Embodied Narratives: Protecting Identity Interests through Ethical Governance of Bioinformation - Emily Postan (University of Edinburgh Law School) 

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