Prospects of Good Governance and Inclusive Markets in Muslim-Majority Countries with Ali Salman


Join us on Monday, September 12 at 12 PM ET in the William Pitt Union Building Room 540 at the University of Pittsburgh for “Prospects of Good Governance and Inclusive Markets in Muslim Majority Countries” with Ali Salman. This lecture focuses on governance and market structures in Muslim-majority countries by presenting case studies from Pakistan, Malaysia, and Tunisia- representing three diverse regions. Ali Salman is CEO of Islam & Liberty Network, a global network of researchers working on religious, political and economic freedoms.   

About our Speaker:  

Ali Salman is a founding member and CEO of Islam and Liberty Network and works. He is an economist and public policy expert and is based in Pakistan, where he heads an independent think tank, PRIME. Ali has worked as a consultant and trainer for major international development organizations, public sector organizations and non-profits; and has worked in the government, academia and private sector. He has held a Fulbright scholarship, a Royal Netherlands Fellowship and a Charles Wallace Fellowship. He holds a Master's degree in Economics, Public Policy and Business Administration, and writes regularly for the Express Tribune, a partner publication of the New York Times.