Omar Sadr

  • Senior Research Scholar

Dr. Omar Sadr is a Research Fellow at the Center for Governance and Markets (CGM) in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh. Previously, he worked as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) in 2021, as a Researcher at the Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) in 2018 and the Department of Peace Studies, the National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR), Kabul University in 2011. His primary research interests include pluralism, democratic governance, as well as politics of Afghanistan. He has been an advocate of political reform, constitutionalism, and pluralism in Afghanistan.  Dr. Sadr holds a Ph.D. (2018) and an MA (2013) from South Asian University (SAU), a university established by the SAARC nations. Dr. Sadr is an author of numerous books, chapters, book reviews, papers and articles. His most recent book, Negotiating Cultural Diversity in Afghanistan, was published by Routledge in London examines the problematique of multiculturalism in Afghanistan. His work has appeared in venues such as Fair Observer, The Atlantic Council and The National Interest. He also appears regularly on BBC Persian, Afghanistan International and ToloNews (three prominent Persian TVs). He founded the Negotiating Ideas Podcast where he discusses political ideas on peace, democracy and pluralism.  

Dr Sadr has received numerous fellowships including MESA Global Academy Fellowship at Middle East Studies Association in Washington, Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) Fellowship at Institute of International Education (IIE), and CAMCA fellowship at the Rumsfeld Foundation and Central Asia-Caucasus Institute. He is also a member of The New University in Exile Consortium at The New School in New York.

Representative Publications

The Republic and Its Enemies: The Status of the Republic in Afghanistan, Kabul: AISS, 2021.

Negotiating Cultural Diversity in Afghanistan, London and New Delhi, Routledge, 2020.

Political Settlement of Afghanistan Conflict: Divergent Perspectives, Kabul: AISS, 2019.

The Fallacy of Afghanistan’s Peace Process: A People’s Perspectives, Kabul: AISS, 2018. 

‘Mahmud Tarzi: Intellectual and Reformist’, in Dev N Pathak and Sanjeev Kumar H.M. (eds.), Modern South Asian Thinkers, Delhi: Sage, 2018.

‘Rethinking Stability for Afghanistan: Socializing Great Powers in a Multilateral Order’, in Rajen Harshe and Dhananjay Tripathi (eds.), Afghanistan Post 9/11: Power Configurations and Evaluating Trajectories, London and New Delhi: Routledge, 2017.

 ‘Afghanistan: the Vulnerabilities of Minorities’, in Sajjad Hassan (ed.) South Asia State of Minorities Report- 2016: Mapping the Terrain, Delhi: Books for Change, 2016.