Virtual Seminar on Policing and Police Reform in the United States

Moderated by Brandon Davis, School of Public Affairs and Public Administration, University of Kansas 

Organized by Brandon Davis, Tate Fegley and Ilia Murtazashvili.

This seminar explores the causes and consequence of the rise of the American carceral state, the nature and consequence of police violence, and efforts to reform policing in the United States. The one-hour seminar includes a 35-minute presentation followed by 25 minutes of discussion. 

Tues. Sept. 22 
2:00pm EST
Jason Brennan
Georgetown University 
Chris Surprenant
University of New Orleans
Tues. Sept. 29
4:00pm EST
Chris Bonneau
University of Pittsburgh
Lessons from the Prison Education Project

View the talk here.
Oct. 2
12:00pm EST Mayor William Peduto
City of Pittsburgh
Roudntable on Police Reform in Pittsburgh
with responses by:
David Harris,  School of Law, University of Pittsburgh
Brandon Davis, School of Public Affairs and Public Administration, University of Kansas

View the panel here.
Oct. 6
2:00pm EST
Joe Soss
University of Minnesota
Book Talk - Preying on the Poor: Criminal Justice as Revenue Racket (with Joshua Page)
View the talk here.
Oct. 13
2:00pm EST
Carl Suddler
Emory University
Oct. 14
2:00pm EST
Bocar Ba
University of California - Irvine
Going the Extra Mile: the Cost of Complaint Filing, Accountability, and Law Enforcement Outcomes in Chicago
Oct. 20 
2:00pm EST
Adam Crepelle
Southern University Law Center
The Law and Economics of Crime on Indian Reservations
Oct. 27
2:00pm EST
David Harris
University of Pittsburgh
School of Law
View the talk here.
Nov. 3
2:00pm EST
April Fernandes
North Carolina State University 
View the talk here.
Nov 10
2:00pm EST
Jennifer Doleac
Texas A&M University
Misdemeanor Prosecution
Nov. 16
2:00pm EST Douglas Flowe
Washington University in St. Louis
View the talk here.
Nov. 17
2:00pm EST
Traci Burch
Northwestern University 
Policing and Political Participation